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Dr. Nancy Haines is the founder of The Center of Confidence and a provider of coaching and leadership development training in the Middle East since 2017. She has over 12 years of experience in HR Management and holds an Honorary Doctorate from CICA- International University & Seminary.

She offers consulting services and solutions to assist with the professional and personal development of individuals and teams. These solutions include coaching and workshops on topics such as conscious leadership, communication & presentation skills, mindset mastery, conflict management, teamwork, stress management, and confidence building.

Through her uniquely interactive approach and contagious energy, she is able to unlock the true potential, remove ages of old limiting beliefs, and instill new levels of confidence in her audience.

Dr. Haines’ clients belong to several industries including (but not limited to) construction, travel, tourism, finance, and luxury & high-end retail. Furthermore, she has a network of colleagues and professionals across the world.

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